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Jets Vs Colts Week 6 Preview: Can The Jets Win 2 In A Row For The First Time In Over A Year?

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Chargers vs Browns

I’m incredibly excited for this game. I get excited for every game because I’m moderately pathetic but that’s neither here nor there. From an unbiased, rational perspective, this Week 6 matchup against Indy is a perfect litmus test for where this young and talented New York Jets squad stands after 5 games in the 2018 NFL regular season.

First of all, the Jets haven’t won 2 games in a row in over a year since they beat the Browns on October 8th of 2017 for their 3rd win in a row. Obviously, that team was very different last year as they trotted out the ageless wonder in Josh McCown, much to the dismay of fans across the globe. No one really cared what they did because the expectations in both the present and future were very, very different.

For me, I just want to see consistency on Sunday. That’s the type of growth this team needs to display for people to start taking them a little more seriously. I’m not even necessarily talking about Sam Darnold. Yes, consistency and growth from him would be amazing, but I’m more worried about the rest of the guys on the roster doing the things they need to do well for the 2nd game in a row.

Frankly, I do think this is a great matchup for the Jets on both sides of the ball, and I think it’s a very winnable game. I also thought that about the Browns game though, so it doesn’t really count for shit. Whatever though. Here’s what the Jets need to do to get to .500 on the season and start to build momentum as they head into the meat of their schedule
This Is A Favorable Matchup For The New York Jets

Here are the facts. The Colts are giving up 27.6 points per game so far this year. They’re actually ranked 10th in rush defense, but that’s more a product of teams being able to throw so easily, as they’re currently ranked 28th in the NFL giving up almost 283 yards per game through the air.

Beyond that, they’re banged up. It’s looking like they’re getting their OTs back on the line, but they’re also expected to be without at least 2 starters inside. Furthermore, Andrew Luck still looks like he’s throwing a shot-put as opposed to a pigskin, and many expect T.Y. Hilton to be out on Sunday.

If you strictly look at what the Jets did well last week, the blueprint translates perfectly into another successful game against the Colts. It all comes down to consistency. If the Jets can get Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell rumbling again, enabling Sam Darnold to continue to be aggressive down the field, the offense should be able to move the ball.

Defensively, if the Jets can once again put pressure on Andrew Luck and make him move his feet, they can undoubtedly force him into some mistakes or at the very least get him off the field. The Colts have not been able to run the ball effectively much at all, and the Jets rush defense has been the most consistent thing we’ve got going so far this year, so I’m not too concerned with that at all.

I swear to God and Jesus Christ this isn’t just blind optimism; there’s a reason the Jets are favored in Vegas yet again, and it’s because on paper things actually look pretty good for the Green and White on Sunday.

Isaiah Crowell Is 3rd In The NFL In Rushing And He Needs To Be That Guy Again On Sunday

I’ve talked about this a lot and I’m gonna talk about it some more. I apologized last week after Isaiah Crowell lit the Broncos the FUCK up. He looked really good. I’ll go on record again saying I think his skillset is perfect for this offense, but none of that matters if the running game disappears again in Week 6.

Obviously, it starts with the guys up front. I thought Kelvin Beachum and James Carpenter had a great game last week run blocking and Brian Winters has been our best lineman all season. In a rushing attack that likes to focus on attacking the edges with stretch runs and zone blocking schemes, it’s so important for these guys to be able to be athletic and pass D-lineman off double-teams to get up to the linebackers, while the TEs seal the edge.

Chris Herndon is a guy who had a few key blocks on the edge to free up Crowell for some big runs, so I’ll definitely be watching him as well as someone like Neal Sterling who’s expected to be suit up and play again after missing time with a concussion.

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